We help publishers succeed in a constantly changing business environment. We understand the publishing business and use our insights to create awesome digital experiences on smart devices.

We create the right mix of story, content and experience to produce effective digital engagement - leading to readers spending more time on your editorial content remembering brand experiences through interactive advertisements

Benefits to Publishers

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Effective Editorial Content Design & Creative Services

We create eye catching renditions of print publications tailored to your audience's smart devices. Our technology allows us to quickly deliver the best in class magazines for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire newsstands.
We guarantee that your audience will be delighted to experience your publications in a whole new way.

Custom Interactive Ad Production

Advertisements will never be static with our premium rich ad production services. Our understanding of brands and people’s reactions towards marketing messages allows us to bring static advertisements to life.

Deep and Insightful Analytics

Your advertisers will love the way numbers are presented in our self service analytics platform. As a publisher, you will not miss out on a single action your readers make as they read your digital magazines.

on digital newsstands

Through our publish portal we deliver digital publications quickly across iOS, and Android platform newsstands.