PPA Festival 2015: A Summary


It was a productive and informative PPA Festival 2015 for us at Pixel Mavericks. We learned a lot and gained some fantastic insights into the publishing world and a glimpse of what’s yet to come.

We had a great start to the day with the “The Bottom Line” track and the session on Generation Z.

The panel shared insights into Generation Z’s consumption patterns, behavioral dynamics and interests. Publishers can extrapolate these findings to develop new approaches and target Generation Z effectively. Marketing can also leverage the ideas presented to show higher ROI.

Another panel with leaders such as Conde Naste, Hearst, Bauer and Time covered the life of magazine media. The panel discussed magazine media – its evolution from humble paper and ink roots to its brave foray into the future. The relevance of new technologies and consumption patterns were also discussed.

David Hall’s session on FourFourTwo’s migration from print media to digital media was particularly interesting. Over the last two decades, FourFourTwo has made great strides in digital offerings to service both audience and client needs. His twin key takeaways of adopting the right mindset and leveraging brand strengths for clients’ successes are vital to any migration effort.

We also had the opportunity to meet and network with many of the event attendees. We had a great time understanding their business and helping them begin their journey into the big and wonderful world of rich interactive magazine apps.

Our PPA Festival 2015 special offering was the report “Digital Publishing: The Recommended Approach” available at www.pixelmavericks.com/PPA. It was a great hit and it’s flying off the shelves! Don’t forget to get your copy today!

We would like to thank the organizers and the team at PPA for this great event. We look forward to being a part of the PPA community for a long time to come.

This article was written on 25 May , 2015.  

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