PPA Festival 2015

See You At The PPA Festival 2015!


We are very happy to announce that we are exhibiting in the PPA Festival in London this year.

For those outside the UK, the PPA Festival provides a platform to explore, exchange and learn about UK magazine media. This year’s event has several valuable information tracks and a stellar speaker list. Alex and Karthik will be there all day on the 21st of May – free to meet you and help you in any way they can. Make sure you drop by the Pixel Mavericks booth at the PPA festival for a quick chat!

In preparation for the PPA festival and as a special gift to all the wonderful readers of our blog, we have put together a special report: “Digital Publishing: The Recommended Approach”. You can download it from here: www.pixelmavericks.com/ppa

Finally, if there is something in particular that you want to discuss with us at the event, just leave a comment on this post and we will set up a meeting at a convenient time.

Looking forward to meet you there!

The Pixel Mavericks Team

P.s. In case you have not yet registered for the event, you could visit this site to sign up now.

This article was written on 19 May , 2015.  

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