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What is a magazine?


Is ‘magazine’ a term reserved for a set format? Or, is it the nature and encapsulation of a collection of ideas and stories in a form suited for the medium? Could a magazine be a mobile app? Or, is it synonymous with periodicals?

Is it the platform? Or is it the story?

All these questions are different facets of the same scenario. Depending on your background and history, the answers to the questions will change.

It is not the medium. It is not the channel. It is not the device or the distribution.

“A magazine is a collection of stories bound together by an editorial vision that spans across issues and installments.”

The device, the platform and the design are all tools that editors use to tell their story. On their own, they have limits. They cannot captivate and hold an audience.

In the end, it’s all about the story.

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Opinion by Arvindh Sundar, AVP – Content & Social, Pixel Mavericks.

This article was written on 27 Jan , 2015.  

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