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Aggregators, as the name suggests, collect material from other sources on the web and post them in one place. These sources could be articles from other websites, the news, blogs, reports or even daily deals. Aggregators can be a website like Feedly or an app like Flipboard.

How do they work?

Most sources of content offer a ‘feed’. A feed is a data format used to provide frequently updated content. Users store the feed link in a ‘feed reader’ of their choice and new content from the feed source is updated automatically when it becomes available. Aggregators use these feeds as inputs to their own websites and curate the content accordingly.

What are their revenue models?

Aggregators generate revenue predominantly through revenue sharing, advertising, sponsored stories and affiliate links.

  • Revenue Sharing: Aggregators may source content directly from publishers and display exclusive articles in exchange for a share of the revenue the content generates.
  • Advertising: Aggregators may have dedicated space available to display advertisements. Advertisers may be charged on a CPM(Cost per 1000 impressions of the ad), CPC (Cost per click on the ad) or CPA (Cost per acquisition of customer) basis.
  • Sponsored Stories: Sponsored stories are pieces of content that are merged into the aggregator’s feed and displayed along with the rest of the content. These may be given preferential placement on the aggregator pages and may be demarcated.
  • Affiliate Links: Similar to sponsored stories and ads, affiliate links earn revenue for the aggregators when users, sent via a special link, complete a purchase on the destination site. Affiliate links are a common choice for e-commerce websites.

Publishers and Aggregators

As a publisher, you can harness the power of aggregators to improve the reach and awareness of your digital editions. You can use ads to drive traffic to your online properties. You can even set up direct downloads of your digital magazines.

You can leverage your popular content to raise awareness of your brand. By sharing your best performing content on popular aggregators, you can generate high levels of awareness about your brand as well as get a share of the revenue generated by your content. Similarly, you could share reviews of your app on select platforms to get wider coverage and push downloads using affiliate links.


Aggregators are a very powerful part of the social web. They can play an integral part in your digital marketing strategy and drive your brand’s recognition and reach to new levels. They can also generate additional revenue through exclusive content and re-purposed articles from your print edition content.

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This article was written on 6 Aug , 2015.  

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